Monday, October 11, 2010

OH, Ms. Kimberley!

As much as i want to like boring ass Kim Kardashian, i cannot stand when she does annoying shit like this. Why on Gods, sweet beautiful green earth does she try to present herself as a wholesome woman, NOBODY FORGOT THAT YOU MADE A SEX TAPE WITH LOSER ASS RAYJ AND AT ONE POINT RAYJ WAS MORE RELEVANT THAN YOU! Also, she keeps reminding us by displaying her ass and & titties. Ray J's mom explains it better than me...

her body (no matter HOW many booty injections she got) is still bangin' can't hate on the little skeezer for that one, but the element of suprise is gone, you know what they say "once you've seen Kim Kardashians booty in live action in a homemade sex tape, still photographes of her ass prtrayed as "art" become irrelevent". OH WAIT, maybe i just say that.

*btw, if you wan't to get your grubby hands on these photos, they shall be coming out in W's November issue.

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