Sunday, December 5, 2010

Whoever is the first person to count how many times we we say pussy throughout this video, will get a very SPECIAL post dedicated to them on our blog! =]

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Everytime I Have Sex I Cum In 3 Minutes, What Should I Do?

In this weeks webisode we discuss: where to hide your sex toys,STDs,restrainging orders,out of control pubes,penis sizes, the correct use of the term "ejaculated", rough fingering,smelley vaginas and having sex with your best friend.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

oh, HAI!

Oh, HAI. i didn't abandoned you, i just made three new posts on my other blog.
the topic include: Memorable commercials, How I would Fuck you, and a 16 and pregnant recap.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010


What is that beautiful collection of graphics your witnessing above? Well THAT my friends, is GirlTalk. GirlTalk is a joint blog that me and best gal Brandi and some other friends will be writing on. It's not finished yet, but it should be done by the end of next week (i'll post the link on here of course). On GirlTalk, me and Brandi will be answering your questions aboout relationships and sex and um...any other questions you may have, ON CAMERA! it's going to be like a mini webseries, how awesome is that? (pretty fucking awesome!)  so send us your questions here:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Music Monday!

These songs are official as FUCKKKKKKKKK! I feel like there are underrated Michael Jackson songs, & i simple wont allow people who are associated with me in any kind of way to not be aware of these songs & their fucking greatness.

OH, Ms. Kimberley!

As much as i want to like boring ass Kim Kardashian, i cannot stand when she does annoying shit like this. Why on Gods, sweet beautiful green earth does she try to present herself as a wholesome woman, NOBODY FORGOT THAT YOU MADE A SEX TAPE WITH LOSER ASS RAYJ AND AT ONE POINT RAYJ WAS MORE RELEVANT THAN YOU! Also, she keeps reminding us by displaying her ass and & titties. Ray J's mom explains it better than me...

her body (no matter HOW many booty injections she got) is still bangin' can't hate on the little skeezer for that one, but the element of suprise is gone, you know what they say "once you've seen Kim Kardashians booty in live action in a homemade sex tape, still photographes of her ass prtrayed as "art" become irrelevent". OH WAIT, maybe i just say that.

*btw, if you wan't to get your grubby hands on these photos, they shall be coming out in W's November issue.

The Blind Leading The Blind


So today, i made comments on  my twitter and Facebook, about blind people and the hardships that face, i said something along the lines of: "I have super respect for blind people. i couldn't imaging eating food & not knowing what it looks like, that's like, half of the fun of eating. & i can only assume that blind people are exsessive butt wipers =/"

and...i TOTALLY agree with myself! Looking at food before you eat it, is fucking essential. I honestly think that food would taste all the same, & you genuially wouldn't know when you should stop wiping your ass, and i don't say that to be funny, but it's a true genuine concern of mine.

So then i thought to myself, WHAT would it be like to blind? you can't really tell when someones lieing to you because you can't see their facial expressions, and their actually the people that have to listen to people "talk the talk" because they can't see people "walk the walk". Remember in that Ray Charles movie where Ray was getting paid in 1's instead of 100's? THAT WAS SOME FUCKED UP SHIT! but then again, did it REALLY matter? there's nothing of value (except people and music) that blind people can truely value which i'm not sure if that's the best thing of all time, or if that's the worst thing in the world.

Blind people have no other choice but to be trusting of people, and they OBVIOUSLY can't be superficial, which lead me to this question: who's REALLY missing out here. it's a well known fact that men fall in love with their eyes before they fall in love with anything else, so if we took that misleading advantage away from human kind (eyesight), would we have more relationships that fruitful? (**btw i really hate that i just used the word fruitful, that's like the gayest thing but i couldn't think of any other word else) 

Music Monday!

Sorry for the Kanye West overload, but i've been listening to this song NONSTOP since yesterday. This song has inspired to me to become so sucessful, that one day, i'll look around and see that life has passed me by.